Shard Rules:

1. No harassing other players or staff (meaning spamming chat with asking for things, pming all users asking for things, etc.)  Most people on the shard are very nice, and honestly, we do want to see new users stay and play and will likely hook people up with items if you get to know us. 
2. Don't ask staff or players for items, skill increases or anything else that is obtained through hard work and dedication to the shard.
3. Don't ask staff for positions (see below).  Please play and enjoy the game, the people who are contributing members to the player base of the shard may be asked to be staff in the future.  The shard needs to grow first and foremost.  We don't need everyone being an admin.
4. No rez killing (the act of continually killing players after they rez).
5. No swearing or adult themes (this is a family shard we have to behave in a civil manner)
6. No camping.  This is the act of staying in one spot (or general location) killing the spawn each time it appears.  We don't mind if you go up and down in a dungeon, just don't stay in one place waiting for (insert creature here) to spawn and kill it.

7. Please make every attempt to role play your character.  By role play, we mean take on the persona and act and interact with others using that character's personality.  It is a lot like acting.  When role playing, please remember that you are a resident of this world and your sphere of knowledge is limited to what is in this world.  So, if someone said, did you watch CNN today... your character wouldn't know what CNN was.  We think that the game becomes quite fun when you step into the character's  shoes.

8. We DO allow users to use Razor and EasyUO to macro.  Please do NOT macro in towns.  Anyone caught macroing in a town will be jailed for 24 hours for the first offense, 7 days for the 2nd offense, and one month for the third.  The account will be deleted after the 4th offense.  This includes running into town for supplies or recalling to town for supplies.  This includes AFK macroing.

9. Only one account per IP address.  Each account may have up to 6 characters.  So, you may have an play up to six characters but may only have one account.  If there are special circumstances please talk to an admin in the game.

Staff Positions

If you are signing up for this shard to page an admin, GM, or other staff to ask for a staff position, please don't waste your time.  We never give out staff positions to people who just signed up to play, no matter what your resume looks like or what you have worked on in the past.  Sorry, none of the shard owners were staff on any shard before coming here and we believe in rewarding players who participate in the community, with or without previous experience.  So, get your friends together and become an active member of the community, then we will see...

We will ask people to be staff, we don't take any applications.  To qualify to be asked, you must meet the following minimum requirements.

- Have an account on the shard for no less than 6 months.

- Have played no less than 150 hours on THIS shard.

- Have averaged 10 or more votes for Copperbottom's per month on each of the voting sites listed in the right column of the main page.

- Have displayed a willingness to help other players (while NOT a staff member).

- Shown an ability to follow and understand the rules of the shard.

- Demonstrated a good personality in game for dealing with other players.

This shard is sponsored by sports simulation games: